Being a Journalism student at the greatest university on the planet has not always been easy and it has definitely had it’s ups and downs. Luckily I have found great friends through this university and through my experiences at the Center for Media Innovation and Research. I have spent many hours of my undergrad years in the newsroom slaving away on projects of all different kinds of media. I will admit that at first, the newsroom was my least favorite place but by the fall of my senior year it became a sort of haven. It has become a place for me where I could always go and work on schoolwork with a friend, or vent to one of my current or former instructors about what was stressing me out about the story I was working on. I could not be more happy that I chose this university, and this college because my experience would have never been the same without the relationships that I made and the things that I learned. Although I am unsure if I want to work in Journalism, I learned a lot of valuable information that I’m sure will help me in a multitude of careers. I’m sad to say that it’s over, but happy I will always be a gator.



Makeshift Blogroll

I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to create a blogroll so that I could link to all of my classmates blogs. I guess that shows what a blogging newbie I really am. Below is my makeshift Blogroll.

Crystal Bailey  Michelle Bentley  Augustina Buedo  Olivia Courtney  Lucas Dolengowski James Fertil  Alexis Geffin  Daniel Gillman  Sara Girard  Amivi Guinhouya  Zoe Haugen  Darling Hill  Connor Ingalls  Kathryn Komarnicki  Devin McDermott  Sean McKenna  Nestor Montoya   Andrea Newport-Jones  Kara Roberts  Nikki Rode  Kelsey Sanchez Gonzalez  Leah Shields  Luis Torres  Megan Trepper

The Tipping Point

After reading The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell, I learned a lot of interesting things about how epidemics and trends spark. The book explains in great detail that the reason something as innocuous as why every girl is wearing lace front shirts this season, or why all of a sudden Adidas is the trendiest brand around these days, is all due to certain people. People who are connecters, mavens or salesmen. The connectors have the social clout to spread ideas through word-of-mouth, and often they are people who are trusted and admired. Mavens have all of the intel and knowledge to give people informed advice, and according to Gladwell they enjoy sharing their advice with people because they genuinely want to be helpful. The salesmen are good with the power of persuasion. This made me think about the mavens, connecters, and salesmen in my life. Who do I trust and look to for advice? Who introduced me to my circle of friends? Am I the connector? I’m still unsure about all of these questions but it opened up a discussion for me that will surely have me paying more attention to the trends and patterns in my everyday life that usually go unnoticed.

Gladwell also discusses what makes a trend take? The answer is something he calls the stickiness factor. Trends, epidemics, and the like only take if they have this stickiness factor. Even though the concept isn’t difficult to understand, it can be hard to put into practice. The book had me thinking about myself and my future career. How do I make myself, for lack of a better term, a trend that sticks? How can I use what I learned from reading The Tipping Point? How can this information help my work? These are things I’m sure I will have plenty of time to ponder while I am searching for a job next year.

Overall I would recommend this book to anyone who wants more insight into what makes a trend take off, or really anyone who wants an interesting read. If anything I found the book interesting because it focuses on different studies and experiments that make humans behave the way that they do. It opened me up to the idea that there are people out there with certain special “powers” that they seem to be born with, or learned very naturally. I’ll be sure to keep my eye on the look out for these people in the future.




More From My Classmates

A surprising amount of my classmates chose to center their blog around health and nutrition, but not Andrea Newport-Jones. Her blog is all about everyone’s favorite weekend indulgence; brunch. Her simple blog template let the food speak for itself, and now I have a new list of places to try before I leave Gainesville for good.

My appreciation for brunch doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the health and fitness blogs. Zoe Haugen’s blog on nutrition was entertaining, and helpful for nutrition dummies and know it all’s alike. Her “mouth water of the month” was one of my favorite features, and it was an interesting way to introduce delicious and nutritious food.

Megan Trepper’s blog takes nutrition to the next level by combining healthy recipe suggestions with effective workouts. I loved reading about what Megan does to stay fit. It is a great idea for a blog because personally, I am always curious about what methods my friends use to stay in such great shape.


Exploring The Blogosphere

As if I didn’t already have enough anxiety about my feelings of inadequacy, I got to read some of the very impressive blogs that my peers have been working on. I was so impressed by the variety, artistic value, and overall entertainment value that they had to offered.

One of my favorites was a traveling blog written by one of my closest friends (who has actually been featured on an earlier post of my blogKathryn Komarnicki. I knew that Kat was always a great writer because we have been in many a class together, but I was blown away by how interesting, engaging, humorous, and useful her posts were. As a close friend of hers I really enjoyed reading her post about how she can afford to travel, because I honestly had no clue! As someone who gets anxiety from even the thought of traveling (I’m skipping out on Easter this year because I don’t want to make the drive to South Florida) reading her blog was a sort of release for me and a way to live vicariously through my wanderlust friend.

Another blog I found really intriguing was Augustina Buedo’s. She and I are in the same sorority, so I have always known that she loved health and fitness, but I didn’t realize how much knowledge she had to share. I am someone who tries to stay fit by eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis but I know how hard it is to stay on track. Aggie’s blog is filled with tips on how to be the most fit version of yourself and it is beautifully organized and extremely aesthetically pleasing. I plan to use some of her grocery shopping tips the next time I go to the store.

Haven’t you always wanted to have it all? Well my classmate Leah Shields created a blog about how to do just that. I need to read every word of this blog because I am the messiest, most confused, and disorganized person you will ever meet… okay maybe my situation isn’t that drastic but I could definitely use some of Leah’s organization skills to help get my life together. Maybe they will help me acquire more than 22 cents in my bank account.



About Me…

As you may already know, my name is Rebecca Adams and this is my blog. If I could say a few things that stand out about me it would be that I am an actress, a borderline hoarder, a telecommunications student who is graduating with minimal video editing skills, and a youngster in the blogging world.  I will be leaving my safe haven, the University of Florida, within the next month only to try my luck at the real world. All of my anxieties aside, I’m excited to be able to pursue a career in what I love, and begin the next chapter of my life.

The Real World

Graduation time is getting closer and closer and the tension surrounding it is almost a little too obvious. Everyone is focused on their future job or internship and I’m sitting here without a clue as to what post grad life will offer me. So there’s no better time to work on my resume.

Resumes are daunting to me because somehow I am supposed to show exactly who Rebecca Adams is and why an employer should hire me by putting together facts on a sheet of paper, or in this case a webpage.


Damn Daniel

If you haven’t seen the “Damn Daniel” video yet, you’ve probably been living under a rock. But here it is for those of you who haven’t…

It’s crazy how two kids, one 14 and one 15, can become internet sensations in a matter of days by doing virtually nothing. It just shows how powerful social media is, and unfortunately getting a following is becoming more and more important. So important that people are creating guides for how to create a bigger social media following.

We are living in a time where social media presence can very literally make or break you. You might have heard about the teenager who deleted her social media when it started to control her. In my opinion, I think we put too much value on likes, follows, and retweets, and it is cramping all of our styles.

Birthdays Are Not Important

It’s almost Oscar’s weekend! But more importantly, today is my birthday. I am the dreaded 22, so this blog title finally applies to me. This birthday week has made me realize that birthdays really aren’t important to anyone but the person who’s birthday it is..and maybe the person who birthed them too, (hi mom!) Personally, I always look for a reason to celebrate so when my friend has a birthday I’m always excited to do what they want to do on their day, but I’ve found that for most people this is not the case. As you get older, people stop caring or going out of their way to give you warm wishes on your special day. I know that I am so guilty of seeing that it is someone’s birthday on Facebook who I should reach out too, but then I don’t. All I know is that this week I’ve been able to find out which friends I should keep close in my 22nd year of life.


Walking in Memphis



Last Thursday, I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to fly to Memphis, Tennessee for a callback with executive producers for an upcoming pilot. This was the first time I had ever flown somewhere for an audition, and I have become so used to putting auditions on tape and having endless amounts of opportunities to get the perfect take that the whole experience was extremely daunting to me. Luckily, I lived to tell the tale. The audition went extremely well, and it exposed a sense of confidence in me that I wasn’t sure I had.

I’m going to parlay this post into something that I haven’t talked about yet, but I feel it has become extremely relevant in my life, especially with this weekend and trip to Memphis. I’m big on new-age books such as The Secret and E-Squared and  I would recommend them to any friend. I’ve found that I have learned to attract things I want in my life by using the methods in these books, but I’ve had to learn to let go and let timing do the work. This weekend I experienced so many things that could not possibly be written off as a coincidence. Every time I turned around the Universe was sending me signs about multiple questions I had in my life. I’ve spent the last few weeks feeling completely uncertain about so many things but everything changed this weekend. I don’t feel like this would have happened, and I highly doubt I would have had this opportunity, if I hadn’t been trying to attract answered prayers and giving out positivity as much as I could possibly bare.

I encourage everyone to read these books, even if just for fun. Who knows, maybe you will end up in Memphis like I did.